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Hello, Friends and Family of Cakes by Monica!

I'm sure by now you have heard that Monica will no longer be doing custom birthday and special occasion cakes. That is still true. 

However, her team at Café Brulé will be continuing her long tradition of beautiful and delicious cakes! 


Allow me to introduce you to our team!

My name is Ally, and some of you may have worked with me in the past and know my work. I have been working with Monica for over 10 years, since before the move to Café Brulé, and have no doubt had the pleasure of making many of your custom Cakes by Monica cakes in the past. My portfolio includes hundreds if not thousands of cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other special occasions over the years, as well as weddings and competitions. I love challenging and creative designs, and specialize in 2- and 3-dimensional shaped cakes. My family is originally from Vermillion. I returned in 2004 to pursue a degree in art, but decided to follow my creative passions in another way and ended up pursuing more of an apprenticeship under Monica. 


Also working on our amazing team is Selina Comstock. Selina has been with us for 6 years, and is head of our dessert team, as well as our birthday and special occasion cakes. Selina specializes in custom cupcake designs and elegant cakes. She is definitely the glue that keeps our team of (sometimes slightly scattered) decorators together! Our junior decorators are Shania,who also works as a baker, Hannah, and Katrina. We also have Haily, Maizie, and Autumn helping to keep up with all of our delicious desserts.

One of our newest members is our head baker Lyssa Morrow. She is a dedicated mother and wife, and a fabulous baker! Keeping up with all the breads, desserts and cakes that we do at Café Brulé is no easy feat, and she does it all with a smile! She is assisted by a team of part-time bakers.

As Monica is becoming increasingly busy with various business ventures, she is passing on the reins of the custom birthday and special occasion cakes! Our fabulous team of decorators and bakers at Café Brulé plans to continue to offer beautiful custom cake designs, with an emphasis on buttercream techniques. We will continue to use Monica's tried and true (and delicious!) recipes, and will continue to be based out of Café Brulé. The only change is that Monica will no longer be personally taking or fielding orders for birthday and other special occasion cakes and desserts :) Monica will continue to focus on her wedding cakes and restaurant ventures. 

Cake orders can continue to be placed by calling us at Café Brulé, or by email at Please do not contact Monica directly regarding birthday and special occasion cakes; we are trying to reduce her (enormous!) workload :) As always, please allow at least 1 week notice for custom designs, but if you need a cake or cupcakes right away, we always have a limited variety of 9" specialty cakes and cupcakes on hand :)

We look forward to working with you!! :)

With Love & Sugar,

Ally King

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